Our Approach


We have an extremely professional approach towards business. We treat every project as unique. We believe that it is important for us to make relations and create entertaining events for our customers. Our motto is to give your events a creative touch that can transform your occasion while keeping you entertained throughout.

The Values


Passion drives you towards your goals. We strongly believe in this and that’s why we are extremely passionate towards our work which helps us to fulfill our promise of entertaining you.



We believe that along with delivering the perfect output, delivering it in the quickest time possible is also important. That’s why we keep agility in our core values, so that we stay always motivated and never slow down.



Unity is the key to any successful business and we too believe in it. We believe that targets can be achieved only through a united teamwork.



Creativity is the element that makes us stand apart in the competitive market. We induce new and creative ideas to make your events an unforgettable experience.



Diversity is an important component that takes a business further. To compete in the market today one needs to have diversity or a mélange of different attributes that can speak about the company’s profile. We are aware of this fact and that’s why we have chosen to be a one stop shop for events.



Being active, energetic and dynamic is a necessity for any event planner. Diversity cannot be there if dynamism is missing. No one understands this better than us that’s why we always keep us active and energetic to give the best results.

About Us


Merrific Entertainment is the solution to your every event query. We walk hand in hand with you from the idealization or the conceptualization of your event to the final output. A venture started by Rajat Behl, Karan Behl and Piyush Batra Merrific Entertainment does not specialize only in managing your event, but also it is a platform that recognizes new talent, attracts new artists and provides them a platform to showcase their talent. We strongly believe in creating long term relationships be it with our customers or the artists associated with us. We promise a 360-degree entertainment and we deliver it. You can always count on us for the right kind of entertainment along with a musical journey.

We can help you in any project