Artist Management

If you are an artist and looking for a place to groom your skills then we are what you are looking for. We are experts in artists grooming, development and even artist promotion. With us by your side you can count to have a fan following pretty soon.

Wedding Event Management

We have a magic wand and we can turn your wedding day into a magical affair. From taking care of the entertainment segment, managing your favorite artists, setting up stage, playing peppy tracks for DJ we handle everything with precision

Live Concerts

  If a rocking musical evening is what you desire for your event then look no further. We are the right people to rely on. From conceptualization of the concert theme to getting the sponsors for your concert we have the ability to turn your event into a party zone in almost no time.

Corporate Events

Great deals are made in a perfect corporate event and perfect corporate events are held under the oration of a perfect anchor who can bind the audience with his sense of humor and intellect. We get you these anchors and ensure to make your corporate events a successful gig.

Music Label

   We are glad to announce that we are a music label too. We have a modern setup to give your music the strength and audience it needs to break records. Even if you are a budding artist and need a platform to showcase your talent our music label is the right place to start with.


Diversity is one of our core values that’s why we always strive to do different. Our film production studio in an epitome of that different approach. We strongly believe that a film should always speak about the rich content that is why we put all our efforts in ideation and curation of the story so that the message of the film can directly touch the hearts of its audience.

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